Will New MailerLite Impact Pricing?

If you’re an author using MailerLite for your email service provider–or you’re considering making a switch to MailerLite–you may be wondering how the new upgrade will impact your author newsletter budget. After reviewing the information on their website and having a quick online chat with one of their service reps this morning, here are the bullet points on MailerLite pricing related to the upcoming launch of the New MailerLite platform on March 22, 2022.

New MailerLite and Pricing

  • Upgrading to New MailerLite is optional.
  • Your current price is locked in, but you will remain on the “Classic MailerLite” unless you upgrade.
  • There is no plan to require current customers to upgrade to the New MailerLite “at this time.” (I have to think at some point in the future this may change. Just my opinion, but you know how these things go.)
  • The pricing for New MailerLite is more expensive. For example, a premium account on Classic MailerLite with up to 5,000 subscribers is now $30/month. New MailerLite for up to 5,000 subscribers will be $32/month or $39/month, depending on which plan you go with. (More on those plans below.)
Pricing tier for Classic MailerLite
Classic MailerLite Pricing for up to 5,000 subscribers
Pricing tier for New MailerLite
New MailerLite Pricing for up to 5,000 subscribers
  • If you remain on Classic MailerLite and upgrade from 2,500 to 5,000 AFTER March 22, you will still be able to upgrade at the current pricing tier (upgrade from $15/month to $30/month). You will not be forced to upgrade to New MailerLite if you need to change your plan and add subscribers.

Change is coming.

This is how it stands now. I like MailerLite, and I like how they’ve handled this so far. With that said, they are a technology business, and change is inevitable.

At what point will upgrading to the New MailerLite be required? Will Classic MailerLite eventually increase pricing for those higher subscriber tiers? What exactly is New MailerLite, and is the increased pricing worth the value it adds to your marketing?

We don’t have the answers yet, so it’s something to keep an eye on.

In the short term, I’ll be upgrading one of my accounts to the New MailerLite and I’ll keep you posted on what it brings to the table. I’ll also dig into the difference between those two plans (the $32 Growing Business or $39 Advanced plan from above). I’d like to know what those “enhanced automations” and “Facebook integration” entail. We’ll take a look!

Stay tuned for details as they unfold. Cheers!

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