Hook Readers With These 13 Email Subject Line Tips

Illustration of computer window with email app open. Headline: Crafting email subject lines

Every good story starts with a problem. Here is ours. The Problem People who never open your email will never read your email. They’ll miss the blurb about your upcoming release, miss the link to pre-order, miss the fun giveaway. They won’t be making that recipe you sent, so they won’t be sharing a photo…

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How to Brand Your Author Newsletter


In a previous post we said the most important reason people open emails is because of the sender. To bring that home, your readers open your email because it’s from you. We also talked about author branding – what it is and why it matters, and what it means for your newsletter. What are your…

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Don’t Let Your Website Get Hijacked

It’s a recurring nightmare I hear about in my work as a web designer. I sit across the table (or get a desperate email) from a prospective client whose website has been hijacked by their previous web designer. Here are a few of their stories and how you can prevent this from happening to you.

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