Will New MailerLite Impact Pricing?

email icon "New MailerLite How will it impact pricing?"

If you’re an author using MailerLite for your email service provider–or you’re considering making a switch to MailerLite–you may be wondering how the new upgrade will impact your author newsletter budget. After reviewing the information on their website and having a quick online chat with one of their service reps this morning, here are the…

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Improve Your Newsletter with a Better Double Opt-In

Small sign saying Sign Up

I understand the resistance against a double opt-in. Single opt-in email is easier and builds your list faster. With single opt-in, your potential subscriber signs up by simply typing their email address (and maybe their name) in your form and clicking the submit button. One and done.  On the other hand, double opt-in requires your…

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How to Shorten Footer Content to Avoid Spam

Illustration of two men checking email envelope for spam with magnifying glass

In our blog series kickoff article, we outlined twelve tips to improve your email deliverability. Tip #3 is to shorten your footer info. But before we do that, we need to familiarize ourselves with the CAN-SPAM Act. Commercial communications (including your email newsletter) are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to its website,…

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Hook Readers With These 13 Email Subject Line Tips

Illustration of computer window with email app open. Headline: Crafting email subject lines

Every good story starts with a problem. Here is ours. The Problem People who never open your email will never read your email. They’ll miss the blurb about your upcoming release, miss the link to pre-order, miss the fun giveaway. They won’t be making that recipe you sent, so they won’t be sharing a photo…

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How to Brand Your Author Newsletter


In a previous post we said the most important reason people open emails is because of the sender. To bring that home, your readers open your email because it’s from you. We also talked about author branding – what it is and why it matters, and what it means for your newsletter. What are your…

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Are You Using Too Many Links in Your Author Newsletter?

illustration of hands on keyboard and mouse. Headline: "Get more opens and clicks with less links."

Author newsletters are an effective way to promote your newest release, direct fans to special sales, help other authors promote their books, and more. But including too many links in your newsletter may get you flagged as spam, preventing your email from reaching your reader’s inbox.  Why does the number of links matter? How many…

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Why Readers Open Your Emails

Woman sitting in chair with tablet and email

Last week I stumbled across a statistic. Twice. I posed it as a question in the AuthorCompany Facebook Group. (Join us if you haven’t yet!) Here’s the question: What is the #1 reason people open your email?Answer: Because it’s from YOU. According to research conducted by SuperOffice, “45% of subscribers say they are likely to…

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How many images should you include in your email newsletter?

Woman sitting at desktop computer looking at email

Download “The Takeaway” PDF. We are inundated with information these days, and nowhere is that more apparent than our email inboxes. Email service companies know this is a stress for their users, so they are increasingly filtering email to eliminate unwanted mail. As a result, your newsletter may never make it to the inbox of…

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3 Things to Know About Apple’s Mail Update

Illustration of laptop with email and flying paper plane

Thanks to Tina Radcliffe for forwarding me MailerLite’s article on the new Apple Mail update, rolling out September 20, 2021. This is going to impact most of us who send newsletters or engage in other email marketing. These changes will currently impact Apple Mail users, but look for other mail services to follow suit. (This…

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Let’s Talk About Readers…

Woman reading a book with cozy quilt background

As writers, where would we be without readers?  We write to explore the stories that inhabit the shadowy corners of our imagination, hoping others will come along for the adventure. We gather readers from obscure ends of the earth, spend more time than we want to (ought to?) on social media in order to “reach”…

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Wisdom From the Cork Board #1

Cork board with sticky notes and push pins

I was displaced by Hurricane Laura last August, and after 11 months, I was able to move back home. I still have most of my stuff in boxes, stacked in the middle of rooms throughout the house, waiting for the contractor to finish the quarter-round trim. (Until then, everything is stacked away from the baseboards and it…

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A Better Option for Domain Email…and Why That Matters

open envelope with letter and a paper airplane

Domain email is addressed to your domain name instead of a third-party service (like @gmail or @yahoo). For example, heather@authorcompany.com and heather@oxblaze.com are both addressed to my domains. A third-party email address (like @gmail) is easy to get and use, but there are several reasons for having domain email too. Some benefits are non-technical (professionalism,…

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What Is a Landing Page and How Can Authors Use Them?

Some of the people who come to your website subscribe to your newsletter.  Some read your bio.  Some will click on your Books link and scroll through your list of titles. A portion of these might click on a book cover to read your book blurb. Even fewer will click your Buy link to visit your book product on…

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3 Offline Writing Tools and How I Use Them

Guest post by Jessica Ferguson I’m always looking for writing short cuts (ways to do something fast!) and inspiration. My productivity and creativity are inspired by interesting notebooks, and quotes from characters in favorite movies. Sometimes my husband is pretty inspiring. Today, I’m sharing three items that actually work for me. 1. Reporter’s Notebook Here’s…

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Blogging Tips for Fiction Writers

The world of blogging is filled with good intentions, dashed hopes, ambiguity, and a vague, unrelenting feeling that no one will care what you write (including yourself).

Or is it just me who feels that way?

Regardless of how unnerving it can be, there are several great blogging benefits for fiction writers. Benefits that make it worth the effort. Here are a several.

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Don’t Let Your Website Get Hijacked

It’s a recurring nightmare I hear about in my work as a web designer. I sit across the table (or get a desperate email) from a prospective client whose website has been hijacked by their previous web designer. Here are a few of their stories and how you can prevent this from happening to you.

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Take Your Online Writing to the Next Level

You have a few seconds to grab the attention of your “online” reader. And even if you hook them with a great opening, every second thereafter is a battle to keep them on the line. People are busy. They’re inundated with messages every day, every hour, every minute. Each piece of information they receive requires…

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