Why Readers Open Your Emails

Woman sitting in chair with tablet and email

Last week I stumbled across a statistic. Twice. I posed it as a question in the AuthorCompany Facebook Group. (Join us if you haven’t yet!) Here’s the question: What is the #1 reason people open your email?Answer: Because it’s from YOU. According to research conducted by SuperOffice, “45% of subscribers say they are likely to…

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How many images should you include in your email newsletter?

Woman sitting at desktop computer looking at email

Download “The Takeaway” PDF. We are inundated with information these days, and nowhere is that more apparent than our email inboxes. Email service companies know this is a stress for their users, so they are increasingly filtering email to eliminate unwanted mail. As a result, your newsletter may never make it to the inbox of…

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3 Things to Know About Apple’s Mail Update

Illustration of laptop with email and flying paper plane

Thanks to Tina Radcliffe for forwarding me MailerLite’s article on the new Apple Mail update, rolling out September 20, 2021. This is going to impact most of us who send newsletters or engage in other email marketing. These changes will currently impact Apple Mail users, but look for other mail services to follow suit. (This…

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Let’s Talk About Readers…

Woman reading a book with cozy quilt background

As writers, where would we be without readers?  We write to explore the stories that inhabit the shadowy corners of our imagination, hoping others will come along for the adventure. We gather readers from obscure ends of the earth, spend more time than we want to (ought to?) on social media in order to “reach”…

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Wisdom From the Cork Board #1

Cork board with sticky notes and push pins

I was displaced by Hurricane Laura last August, and after 11 months, I was able to move back home. I still have most of my stuff in boxes, stacked in the middle of rooms throughout the house, waiting for the contractor to finish the quarter-round trim. (Until then, everything is stacked away from the baseboards and it…

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